November 2008 Home Sales in Louisville, KY

The number of sales is down this month, as expected. Each year as we head into the Holiday season activity dies down then starts back up (slowly) after the New Year. But it’s surprising to see prices up in most of the areas. In particular, Areas 7 and 8 saw solid increases and North Oldham went from an average value of $269,452 to $342,139.

Now, averages fluctuate more erratically when the sample size is low so we can’t put too much stock in these numbers. But it is interesting to see these value increases given the overall downward trend for the year. If you have any questions, please contact me.

November 2008

0 Central Downtown District 7 Arrow Down $125,400 Arrow Down 53 Arrow Down
1 Downtwn/Old&WestLouisville/Shively 70 Arrow Down $37,355 Arrow Down 69 Arrow Up
2 Butchertown/Highlands/Germantwn 31 Arrow Down $182,980 Arrow Up 50 Arrow Down
3 Brownsboro/StMatthews 31 Arrow Down $285,642 Arrow Up 79 Arrow Up
4 Pleasure Rdg/Valley Station 37 Arrow Down $92,336 Arrow Down 63 Arrow Down
5 Auburndale/Fairdale/Iroquois Park 48 Arrow Down $99,268 Arrow Down 66 Arrow Down
6 Buechel/Highview/Okolona/FernCreek 88 Arrow Down $116,346 Arrow Down 78 Arrow Up
7 FernCrk/Hikes Point/Jeffersontown 57 Arrow Down $175,456 Arrow Up 62 Arrow Down
8 Hurstbourne/Middletwn/Anchrg 43 Arrow Down $280,655 Arrow Up 99 Arrow Up
9 Anchrg/Lyndn/Prospct/UpRvrRd 47 Arrow Down $253,565 Arrow Up 72 Arrow Down
11 Bullitt Co. 53 Arrow Down $147,775 Arrow Down 105 Arrow Up
19 Spencer Co. 8 Arrow Down $152,791 Arrow Up 140 Arrow Up
20 Oldham Co. – North 18 Arrow Down $342,139 Arrow Up 114 Arrow Up
21 Oldham Co. – South 20 Arrow Down $214,305 Arrow Up 69 Arrow Down
30 Shelby Co. 15 Arrow Down $147,765 Arrow Up 90 Arrow Up

Source: MetroSearch, Inc. Values are not warranted by LHB.

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