Louisville Foreclosure Rates Continue to Decline

Map of June 2013 Foreclosure Rate by ZIP Code in Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana

It is interesting to see where Louisville foreclosure rates are still at higher levels. It’s not necessarily urban versus suburban either.

CoreLogic does a great job keeping on top of certain real estate data points. In particular, their coverage of foreclosures and delinquency rates is quite valuable.

When assessing Louisville foreclosure rates, we’re receiving very positive news!
While the foreclosure rate for Louisville during 2012 was 2.85%, thus far through 2013 it’s down to 2.03%.

This while the National average for foreclosures is 2.49% for 2013.

The 90+ Day Delinquency Rate is also moving in the right direction, as fewer homeowners are late on their house payments.

  • June: 4.96%
  • May:4.97%
  • April: 5.06%
  • March: 5.31%
  • February: 5.50%
  • January: 5.62%

These are all positive aspects of our improving Louisville real estate market and should give comfort to homeowners who’ve seen their investments lose value during the housing recession.

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