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Top 10 Pro Staging Tips for Louisville Homesellers

Elegantly Staged Living Room

When done well, exceptional staging puts your home above the competition. Stage your home like a pro, and it will sell faster and for more money, period.

We’ve got them! Top 10 pro staging tips! They are a key part of selling your home fast, and at the highest possible price. Properties that aren’t well-staged, remain on the market longer and end up selling for less than they are truly worth.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Great home staging can take your ordinary, ho-hum house and instantly make it feel more spacious, warmer, brighter, and more welcoming! So, let’s jump right in.

Top 10 Pro Staging Tips

Professional staging begins on the outside of your home. Potential buyers scrutinize your house as they drive up, park and exit their vehicle.

We are talking about everything! From the trees and landscaping, to the roof, windows, and even walkways, all will be carefully critiqued as these real estate clients walk up to your home.

  1. Make Your Front Door Inviting

    Your home’s front door is the single most powerful element of a potential home buyer’s visit. Buyers have extra time to assess your home as their agent uses his/her technology tool to gain entrance to the property—sometimes up to 60 seconds!

    So, pay extra attention to the cleanliness and condition of your front door and the immediate area around it. There should be no cobwebs, windows should be clean and the door’s hardware should be in great working condition. Put it all together and your home gives off that great first impression!

  2. Declutter, Declutter and Declutter Some More

    Having a clean home is essential. So while you clean, also declutter. If you want to sell your Louisville home, you must follow this tip.

    I’m sure you love your knick-knacks, trinkets and tsotchke but I promise, potential home buyers will be far less impressed. Pack it up, move it out and you can thank me later.

  3. Eliminate Personalized Items

    Now that we’ve decluttered, it’s time to remove personal items like photographs, plaques and other items that remind potential buyers that someone else lives here. Instead, we want them to picture themselves living here.

    Rather than a beloved child’s art project, use a modern vase and flower arrangement. The goal is to make the decor less personal and more neutral, like an upscale hotel or a photo from a well-staged room in a magazine.

  4. Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

    Does your home have a fireplace? Light it and instantly set the mood. The same goes for custom windows, trayed ceilings, special crown moldings, custom built-in cabinets, media rooms, water features and more. Anything that puts your home on a higher level, promote it and show it off. You never know what might “hook” the buyer.

  5. Reduce Amount of Furniture, Strategically Position

    The bigger the home, the more it’s worth, right? You can’t increase actual size of your home, but you can enhance its perceived size!

    Begin by removing all large, unnecessary furniture to increase the feeling of space. Then move furniture away from the walls and into warm vignettes. If a room has two large sofas and three chairs, remove one sofa and one chair then rearrange the remaining pieces for a functional, yet more spacious space.

  6. Picture Perfect Exteriors

    Don’t forget your outdoor spaces! We’ve already talked about the importance of a great first impression with your home’s front door, but you should also pay close attention to how your backyard appears to potential buyers.

    Backyards are huge to today’s home buyers. One staging concept would be to design a space using attractive outdoor furniture and colorful pillows set on an area rug and centered around a fire-pit for a welcoming outdoor space. Attract the buyers to this area by creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

  7. Use Appropriate Color

    Photo of a professionally staged bathroom

    Look how inviting this bathroom is! Lights on, fresh towels, even flowers, just like a resort.

    We want your home’s largest spaces (walls, floors and ceilings) to feel warm but neutral. Outrageous color on the walls is a universal turn-off. But, this doesn’t mean that the whole space should be bland.Add appropriate color via throws and pillows on beds or sofas, thereby instantly adding the feeling of warmth and comfort to the rooms of your home. Include eye-catching “pops” of color to a space with accessories for shelves, wall nooks or tables. Less is more, but if done well, your home will give off that professionally staged vibe.

  8. Make It Fresh

    Fresh is best! Change up your daily towels with beautiful guest towels. Replace artificial flowers to live plants. It’s a simple tip, but it goes a long way to make a great impression on your guests.

  9. Lights, Camera, Action!

    How many times have you heard a visitor rave about a room’s “bright and airy” feel? The key portion of that overused phrase is bright. You can never have enough light, when it comes to staging Louisville homes for sale.

    Figure out how to light your kitchen to make it as inviting and fresh a room as you can.

    Draw open all the curtains, pull up the blinds, and turn on all the lights. Got any burned out bulbs? Change them out and leave them on for when your guests arrive.

  10. Set the Mood

    Making sure the lights are on is the first step. You can go further by setting the mood with lightly scented candles or room fresheners. The key word here is lightly. If it’s too powerful, people won’t like it and may think your home has some bad odor that you are trying to hide.

    Soft, modern music is another way to set the mood and invite your guests to take their time touring your Louisville home.

Most of these top 10 pro staging tips are simple. When you follow what the pros do, you are putting your home above the competition and increasing its chance to sell fast and for more money.

Buying a new home is an emotional process. It’s key to connect to potential buyers emotionally with a professionally staged home that they can see themselves in.

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