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Updating Louisville Foreclosures Map

Map of September 2013 Foreclosure Rate by ZIP Code in Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana

The concentration of foreclosed properties in Louisville continue to be in the same locations as overall numbers decline.

Another month, another great CoreLogic report updating our Louisville foreclosures map. So let’s get right to the numbers!

So where would you expect Louisville foreclosures be, given that national rates have been steadily declining? The answer is that Louisville follows the national trend to a lesser degree with a bit of delay.

The foreclosure rate for September 2012 was 2.74%. This September, Louisville foreclosures were just 1.77% for September 2013. That’s a drop of more than 35%..

Compare that to the National average of 2.29% and we’re doing quite well.

The 90+ Day Delinquency Rate is also improving which shows that fewer homeowners are late on their payments.

  • April: 5.07%
  • May: 4.97%
  • June: 4.97%
  • July: 4.90%
  • August: 4.79%
  • September: 4.73%

Keep up the good work Louisville!

In related news, Kentucky is faring better than both Indiana and Ohio but not as well as Tennessee. States with the highest number of homes in foreclosure are Florida, New Jersey and New York.

The state with the fewest foreclosures is Wyoming, followed by Alaska and North Dakota.

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