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Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Louisville

We may not be tuning in to Robin Leach’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” like we did in the 1980’s but we still have our fair share of celebrity gawkers. Heck, HGTV has “Extreme Living” and “Million Dollar Rooms

Then, once I saw Yahoo! Finance run The 20 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in America, I knew I had to run the numbers for our fair city.

Let’s go Louisville!

Here’s the methodology I used to create these rankings. Each Jefferson County neighborhood must have had at least three homes sell for more than $500,000 since Jan. 1, 2012.

This both helps and hurts neighborhoods based on their size.

Some are so small they don’t have many homes sell, even in a decade, much less a year plus. These tiny gems will not make our list but may still contain very expensive properties.

Larger neighborhoods might have a heavy helping of home sales but the wider range of values will dilute the upper-end Louisville luxury properties. But I believe our findings are representative of both the old and new; urban and rural.

Let’s jump right in!

#10 Hurstbourne

Number of homes sold: 7 – Average Sale Price: $775,214

The beautiful home in Hurstbourne has a very attractive stone-walled creek in front.

#9 Anchorage

Number of homes sold: 25 – Average Sale Price: $787,774

Photo of Anchorage home in Louisville KY
There’s a wide variety of home styles in Anchorage located in Louisville’s East End.

#8 Cherokee Gardens

Number of homes sold: 7 – Average Sale Price: $802,571

Photo of home in Cherokee Gardens Louisville KY
Located in the heart of Louisville, Cherokee Gardens has a wonderful range of property styles.

#7 Indian Hills

Number of homes sold: 30 – Average Sale Price: $842,981

Photo of home in Indian Hills Louisville KY
This Indian Hills home rests on the top of a hill with nice acreage.

#6 Mockingbird Gardens

Number of homes sold: 8 – Average Sale Price: $860,326

Photo of home in Mockingbird Gardens Louisville KY
This home is located in the well-respected neighborhood of Mockingbird Gardens.

#5 Anchorage Woods

Number of homes sold: 3 – Average Sale Price: $916.667

Photo of a home in Anchorage Woods Louisville KY
One of the smallest neighborhoods in the city, just 26 homes, Anchorage Woods boasts all high-end properties.

#4 Bonnycastle

Number of homes sold: 3 – Average Sale Price: $928,333

Photo of Home in Bonnycastle Louisville KY
Tucked in the heart of the Highlands is Bonnycastle with estates on rolling terrain.

#3 Mockingbird Valley

Number of homes sold: 8 – Average Sale Price: $1,103,750

Photo of home in Mockingbird Valley Louisville KY
Mockingbird Valley has long held some of the largest, most prestigious estates in Louisville.

#2 Glenview

Number of homes sold: 10 – Average Sale Price: $1,104,225

Photo of home in Glenview Louisville KY
This large estate home in Glenview just exudes Southern charm.

#1 Spring Farm

Number of homes sold: 4 – Average Sale Price: $1,128,750

Photo of home in Spring Farm Prospect Louisville KY
One of the newer neighborhoods in our results, all the homes in Spring Farm are large and beautiful.

I wanted to include the next ten neighborhoods to round out our Top 20 most expensive Louisville neighborhoods.

  • #11 Bonniewood: 4 homes, $772,725
  • #12 Lake Forest: 58 homes, $691,087
  • #13 Cherokee Triangle: 14 homes, $680,143
  • #14 Highlands: 14 homes, $669,964
  • #15 Beech Spring Farm: 11 homes, $652,435
  • #16 Rolling Fields: 13 homes, $613,077
  • #17 Shakes Run: 4 homes, $620,705
  • #18 River Creek Estates: 3 homes, $613,000
  • #19 Castlewood: 4 homes, $608,600
  • #20 Estates of Hunting Creek: 6 homes, $593,824

If you’re looking for Louisville homes for sale by neighborhood, several of these luxury neighborhoods are listed. Have fun gawking!

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