Open Letter To Sellers

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Read my open letter to sellers and you’ll have a better grasp on what to do to sell your home fast!

Dear Seller,

First rule is do not despair. Second rule is “Make your home shine!” To begin this journey, totally lose your seller instincts and put yourself in the buyer seat.

My open letter to sellers begins when your buyer pulls up to your home. This is your opportunity to provide a moment of WOW. This is the time when the buyer is engaged, open and willing to weigh what your home has to offer against their needs, as well as what the other homes they have seen had to offer.

It is called curb appeal and you should not under estimate it. It goes without saying that the facade of your home should be in excellent shape, without flaking paint or if your roof is in poor condition it is time to repair or replace it. This is the time to break out all the stops: make sure flower beds are free of weeds and edged, sidewalk and lawn free of brush, lawn freshly mowed, windows recently cleaned and above all, the front door that greets your potential buyer, should be sparkling clean. Do not underestimate curb appeal, every buyer will appreciate a well-groomed landscape and will assume that the same care and consideration given to the outside has been given to the inside. Hopefully this is true.

Second chance to WOW is with a fresh, clean odor. Forget smoking in the house, this is a true turn off! If you must smoke, go outside and don’t leave any spent butts in view. The next step is to de-clutter. Then, de-clutter some more. Remember you will be moving soon, so this is a great time to gather boxes and start packing.

Once all the clutter is removed take a look at the woodwork and moldings, they get scratched and collect lots of dust. Painting the woodwork a bright white really makes it POP! Next, clean, clean, clean. Yes, it’s a pain, but again, it reflects how you have kept and maintained your home. In kitchens, keep counters clear of unnecessary appliances, sinks clean, shiny and clear of dishes. ,In bedrooms, beds should be made and closets organized. Make your whole home shine!

Yes, wallpaper was great in the near distance past, but if it is in any room other than a powder bathroom, it’s a dinosaur. Sorry, I am just the messenger. If it is pervasive and a bigger job than you can handle, you may want to consider a decorating allowance to the potential buyer.

If you follow these suggestions, you’re well on your way to setting your house above the competition!

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