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Louisville Real Estate Up 2.2% Since ’06

Where would you expect to see the largest jump in median home prices? If you guessed Atlantic City, NJ you’d be correct. Scanning CNNMoney’s chart, you’ll see that the high and low-ends of the price spectrum are both seeing big jumps and major drops.

For example, high-priced areas like Seattle, WA are going even higher—11.3% leap—while another pricey spot, Sarasota, FL is experiencing the biggest decline in the country, with values down 18%.

Here in Louisville, homes are up to $137.6k from $134.6k last year, which is a 2.2% increase. This result tops the national average of -2.7% and is much better than the South region’s average of -3.7%.

So while nationally, last year was a difficult year for home values, here in the Greater Louisville area, we are seeing small but steady growth, which is certainly a good thing.

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