Most Expensive Louisville Neighborhoods in 2017

There were 12,594 homes sold in Jefferson County during 2017. But that’s not what this story is about. If you would like to know what real estate records were broken, you could find that story here. If you’re interested in the 30% increase in home values since 2007 there’s that but this story is about the most expensive Louisville neighborhoods.

I’ve been writing this piece annually since 2013. It’s always a fun piece because I naturally have a competitive streak. So when it’s time to crunch the numbers and produce this story, I get a little jazzed.

Quick point about procedures. We’re only looking at Jefferson County, so no Oldham, Shelby, Bullitt or the rest. Condos are included but a vast majority of these are single-family homes. To be considered, the Louisville neighborhood needed to have at least three transactions of at least $500,000 or higher. That’s it. Let’s go!

Note: Unlike years past 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, this year I created the average of all homes sold in that neighborhood for the year, not simply the ones over $500,000.

Most Expensive Louisville Neighborhoods

#10 Innisbrook Estates

Total sales 2017: 5 | Average Sale Price: $674,800

Photo of home in Innisbrook Estates, Louisville KY
Innisbrook & Innisbrook Estates are located in Prospect in between Highway 42 and the Ohio River.

#9 Cherokee Gardens

Total sales 2017: 9 | Average Sale Price: $720,500

Photo of home in Cherokee Gardens, Louisville KY
Cherokee Gardens is routinely on our list of Louisville’s most expensive neighborhoods. It has a select location and contains some of the most charming estate homes in the city.

#8 Lake Forest Estates

Total sales 2017: 6 | Average Sale Price: $738,833

Photo of home in Lake Forest Estates, Louisville KY
Lake Forest, Louisville’s largest neighborhood, has an estate section where the luxury really takes off.

#7 Anchorage

Total sales 2017: 23 | Average Sale Price: $767,155

Photo of home in Anchorage, Louisville KY
Anchorage is home to some of the grandest houses, as well as, some adorable, quaint cottages.

#6 Castlewood

Total sales 2017: 3 | Average Sale Price: $860,000

Photo of home in Castlewood, Louisville KY
Castlewood is a tiny neighborhood located off Easter Parkway. Having three of these homes exchange hands in the same year is quite rare.

#5 Glenview

Total sales 2017: 12 | Average Sale Price: $998,504

Photo of home in Glenview, Louisville KY
Glenview was the most expensive neighborhood in both 2014 and 2016. It’s also home to some of Louisville’s most amazing properties.

#4 Spring Farm Lake

Total sales 2017: 5 | Average Sale Price: $1,119,036

Photo of home in Spring Farm Lake, Louisville KY
After the success of the original Spring Farm, developers continued the theme with other high-end, new construction subdivisions: Spring Farm Pointe and Spring Farm Lake.

#3 Mockingbird Gardens

Total sales 2017: 11 | Average Sale Price: $1,119,036

Photo of home in Mockingbird Gardens, Louisville KY
Mockingbird Gardens, and nearby Mockingbird Valley, both are fixtures in our list of most expensive neighborhoods in Louisville.

#2 Alta Vista

Total sales 2017: 3 | Average Sale Price: $1,155,917

Photo of home in Alta Vista, Louisville KY
Alta Vista is a gem of a neighborhood with large lots and stately mansions located in the very center of the city.

#1 Spring Farm Place

Total sales 2017: 3 | Average Sale Price: $1,226,667

Photo of home in Spring farm Place, Louisville KY
This year’s winner of the most expensive neighborhood is Spring Farm Place. Often referred to as simply Spring Farm, this neighborhood is located off Wolf Pen Branch Road, just outside the Gene Snyder Expressway.

All told, there were 536 homes over $500,000 sold in Jefferson County during 2017. That’s a big number! In 2016, there were just 472 properties sold above half a million dollars. To put this in perspective, the average home price in Louisville is currently $212,881.

I’ve updated the ranking for the past five years. You can review the results in the chart below. In truth, each of these amazing Louisville neighborhoods boasts amazing homes year-in and year-out.

1Spring Farm PlaceGlenviewHarrod’s GlenGlenviewSpring Farm
2Alta VistaMockingbird ValleyCherokee HillsMockingbird ValleyGlenview
3Mockingbird GardensAnchorageSpring Farm PlaceGlenview AcresMockingbird Valley
4Spring Farm LakeCherokee GardensSpring Farm LakeBonniewoodBonnycastle
5GlenviewOxmoor WoodsGlenviewMockingbird GardensAnchorage Woods
6CastlewoodInnisbrookAnchorageAnchorageMockingbird Gardens
7AnchorageIndian HillsCherokee TriangleIndian HillsIndian Hills
8Lake Forest EstatesHunting CreekIndian HillsWoodstoneCherokee Gardens
9Cherokee GardensCherokee TriangleLake ForestSutherlandAnchorage
10Innisbrook EstatesRolling FieldsMockingbird GardensRolling FieldsHurstbourne

If you’d like to know about a specific neighborhood and how it performed, please feel free to contact me. All images in this article have the copyright of their Listing Broker.

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