3 Big Reasons Your Louisville Home Might Not Sell

Photo electric lines near residential real estate

Some hurdles are very tough to overcome when selling your Louisville home, such as having a large electrical tower nearby.

Selling real estate isn’t always easy, and no matter how much care and attention you might put into presenting your home beautifully for potential buyers, there are always going to be things that make selling difficult that are beyond your control.

Here are three big reasons that your Louisville real estate might not sell.

1. Busy Street

Very few people would choose to live in a busy street.

The degree to which it affects a prospective buyer will vary—from a mild discomfort to complete revulsion. If your home is located on a busy street then it’s very likely that you will get less interest in it.

The best advice is to promote the home’s other positive attributes. Highlight a renovated kitchen, or show off a media room. Try to get people to forget about the road outside.

Another idea would be planting a hedge row or erecting a fence to visibly block the source of the noise. Lastly, I’ve seen home where a water feature is built to create a different, more pleasing sound to drown out the unfavorable road noises.

2. Unkempt Neighboring House

It’s an unfortunate fact that if the real estate on either side of your own isn’t very appealing, it will affect the perception of your home.

This can be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

The best approach is to try and befriend your neighbor, even offer to help out on any projects that they might not have time to complete.

Cutting a neighbors grass or clipping some bushes, would just be a neighborly thing to do, it could help sell your home!

3. Electrical Towers

Electrical towers are an interesting subject because there are usually two reasons that people avoid homes that have them nearby.

First, most people consider them to be an eyesore and who likes an eyesore?

Second, there are those that believe there are health implications when living near an electrical tower. The truth is that there simply isn’t any evidence that they pose any risk and anyone visiting should be made fully aware of this.

Call LG&E and ask for a “reading” and they’ll send out a tech to recording different locations. What you’ll find is that there in most cases there’s absolutely nothing to fear health-wise from an electrical tower.

If you’re really struggling to sell your real estate, and you need the process to be completed as quickly as possible, then it might be wise to avoid the traditional routes of selling and deal with a home buying company instead.

Services, such as those provided by NPT mean that you’ll get an offer on your house, even if it does have one of the above negatives.

It’s not for everyone but it certainly is an option if you really must sell your Louisville home fast.

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