Louisville Loop Trail Marches On

Proposed Map of portion of Louisville Loop

Proposed Map of portion of Louisville Loop

City Planners are working towards creating a 100-mile trail for bikers/walkers around the city of Louisville. They’re calling it the Louisville Loop. Depending on the route and design of the path, this project sounds absolutely wonderful. Now, can they get through all the red tape and wrangling with communities affected by their plans?

Most recently, people here in Springhurst were able to view the current plans and offer their comments. Money always plays a major role in cases like these as principalities want to know who’ll be responsible for construction costs and then ongoing maintenance. Apparently, those negotiations are still underway.

Metro Parks says “the loop is approximately 25% complete” as of the time of this writing. If they can complete the circle, this innovative idea will be another positive move towards improving Louisville and our perception to the rest of the country.

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