Louisville Awarded Top 10 Affordable Places to Retire

I’m not sure why Money magazine is doing a story called 10 Affordable Places to Retire, but in any event, they picked Louisville as the 20th best! Palm Springs has the weather, Pinehurst the golf but Louisville is getting national attention for our wonderful parks. This piece is highlighting the Louisville Loop which we talked about back in the Spring of 2008 as being a great move by our city to set itself apart.

Photo of a Hiking Trail in Louisville
Hiking Trail in Louisville

According to the official Metro Parks Web site, the trail is still listed as “25% complete” but it may be that they’ve not updated their site in some time.

It should also be noted that part of the equation is median home prices. You can generally get a lot for your money in Louisville real estate. So if you’re looking for the top affordable places to retire, consider Louisville, Kentucky.

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