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Louisville Homes Blog Founder, Tre Pryor Interviewed by MSN for Real Estate Article

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10 factors to keep in mind and emphasize in your home listing from The article includes several quotes from Louisville Realtor, Tre Pryor.

I work very hard to bring the home buyers and sellers of Louisville unbiased and useful information here at At the same time, I make a concerted effort to not promote myself on this site like so many real estate agents. Today’s post is the exception to that rule.

Recently, I received a phone call from a national writer asking my opinion about neighborhoods and real estate. Frankly, I was honored! It shows that my hard work on this site and others was found to be valuable. It’s rare in the business to received compliments for my online work but that’s exactly what this was and I’m quite grateful.

(Update: After some website changes, the article “10 Neighborhood Homebuyer Magnets” is no longer available on The text has been copied to a post here.)

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