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Home staging can take your ordinary, ho-hum home and instantly make it feel larger, more spacious, warmer, brighter, more cheerful and more welcoming.

It may be hard to believe that simple home staging can do all that, but it’s true! Often times, it is as much about your feelings as it is about the home itself. Home staging helps set the stage, so to speak, so that buyers can immediately feel at home the moment they walk through the door. After all, buying a Louisville home is an emotional process.

If you are unsure how to approach home staging, here are the basics to get you started:

  • Remove any unnecessary furniture to eliminate a cluttered feeling. Once you have accomplished that, work to move your furniture away from the walls and into warm vignettes. For example, instead of placing your living room sofa against the wall, move it to face the room’s fireplace. In one fail swoop you have created a warm, interesting room that plays up the room’s best feature – the fireplace.
  • Add warm fabrics, such as throws and pillows, to beds and sofas, thereby instantly adding the feeling of warmth and comfort to the rooms of your home.
  • Pack up your personal knick-knacks, photographs and the like and instead use simple mirrors and prints on the walls and vases and flower arrangements on the tabletops. You want to allow your buyer to imagine himself in your home, and it’s a bit hard to accomplish this when you have family photographs scattered about.
  • Remove the clutter from your kitchen counter-tops and instead replace it with bowls of colorful fruit or fresh flowers.
  • Set the mood with lightly scented candles and scented soaps.
  • Change up your daily towels with beautiful guest towels.
  • Eliminate silk or dried flowers and replace them with live plants and fresh bouquets.
  • If you have a fireplace, light it and instantly set the mood.
  • Don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Create living spaces with pretty outdoor furniture, and use outdoor area rugs and pillows to pull it all together and create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
Author: Richard Soto is a Dallas real estate broker with offices in Houston and San Antonio.

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