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Today’s 5 Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Your home is a huge investment. You want to ensure it fetches the highest price in the market when you finally decide to sell it. As such, you need it in the best state possible so that generally means renovations. Buyers look at a property’s entirety before buying it but certain areas attract more scrutiny than others. With that in mind, here are five amazing bathroom remodeling ideas to help you get started!

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When thinking about a bathroom, what do we want it to be? The ideal bathroom should be classy, clean, restful, and comfortable.

Some remodeling fundamentals work for both master and small bathrooms. For instance, you need to create a refined space by choosing materials with blending colors. Partnering with bathroom remodeling experts enables you to achieve the bathroom space of your dreams. Bathroom renovation pros survey your space, keenly observe the layout and help create custom designs to transform the space into a spa-like private bathroom.

Before you contact a bathroom remodeling professional, you need to know what you want them to do. To make your work easier, we have researched and compiled these bathroom remodeling ideas for you.

1. Rid the Space of Clutter

Everyone can agree that a tidy and organized space has a visual appeal even with simple and commonplace interior décor elements. So removing clutter from the bathroom is the first thing you want to do to redefine the area.  That means getting rid of any unnecessary items and grouping the remaining to create a neat and organized space.

A practical way of doing this is by placing a towel and emptying the medicine box’s contents on it. Do the same for other products, such as cosmetics and cleaning products. Clean the cabinets and wipe them clean and dry. Then, arrange the items well in the drawers and on the cabinets. You can reduce the effort by investing in storage solutions like tiered trays, heat-resistant containers, and makeup organizers.

2. Add Functional Furniture

Classic bathroom vanities have become less popular with the introduction of replacements inspired by modern trends. Your bathroom remodeling professionals will likely recommend including stylish and simplistic cabinetry and even customized vanities. Alternatively, you can relocate an antique sideboard from your living room to the bathroom to offer seamless storage or as a vanity.

Adding a spacious work surface is also a surefire means of giving the space a luxurious aura. For example, a beautiful and brightly colored dresser in front of a mirror with a comfortable seat is a great way of spoiling yourself when applying your makeup. Finish up the space by adding the finer details and touches that interact with your five senses, such as perfume bottles and scented soaps.

3. Choose Calming Colors and Tones

The colors you choose for your bathroom heavily impact the atmosphere of the space. Is your bathroom serving its primary function:

  • Does your bathroom offer a comfortable space for your showers?
  • Is it a family bath that provides a functional space for the number of people who need to use it?
  • Perhaps you need a bathroom that offers a spa-like experience, especially after a tiresome day at work?

Understanding the type of bathroom, you need will help you select the colors and hues for your remodeling project.

Many bathroom renovation pros will recommend that you choose bright colors and hues. They add a charming and soothing effect that makes you want to spend more time in the bathroom.

For example, white, soft greys, beige, and tinges of brown are perfect when you need a relaxed space. You can spruce up the colors by including other eye-catching and blending elements, such as wall art and green plants.

4. Wooden and Natural Stone Flooring

Wood surfaces had for many years been taboo when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project. That has however changed. Today, people increasingly choose wooden flooring in the bathroom to soften harder surfaces like concrete, stone, and tiles. Other new materials that are pleasant to stand on, unique, and warm include bamboo and timber duckboard, the one used in boatbuilding.

Using natural stone for floors and countertops and metallic accents is an excellent way of giving the space a natural feel. A stand-alone wallpaper or river rock walls also adds a unique and refined flair without jostling for attention.

5. Subtle Ambient Lighting

When dealing with bathroom lighting, please ditch the recessed halogen lighting. Increasingly, lighting fixtures formerly reserved for living rooms and kitchens have encroached the bathroom, adding an eye-catching focal point.

Depending on your taste and preference, your home remodeling experts can hang subtle pendant lights and colorless chandeliers that maximize natural light to brighten the bathroom. Wall sconces and candelabras by the tub can also help you create a unique and relaxing space, especially when fitted with dimmer-light switches.


We hope these bathroom remodeling ideas have given you some things to think about. Take your time. Gather your resources then, “Go for it!”

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