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Louisville Interior Designer Talks Trends for 2013

Photo of remodeled Louisville kitchen from top to bottom.

Here you see a beautiful, kitchen remodel by J. Renee Designs. Isn’t it inviting?

Are you thinking of updating your home for the New Year? Here are some design tips to set you right on trend for 2013. You want your Louisville home looking great, right?

Start at the Bottom

As we know, all good design starts with the floor. Whether it’s rustic hardwood or an eco-friendly rug, 2013 is all about green floors.

The look of weathered, aged hardwood is still going strong in 2013 and you will also find a healthy mix of jute and cotton rugs that are as durable as they are soft on your feet, something natural rugs have always longed for.

Lighting Leads the Way

Lighting always plays a large role in your home’s design style.

Brass and gold light fixtures can add a bit of class to any décor; however they should be used in a modern way as these are not the same outdated brass fixtures we designers keep telling you to ditch.

Photo of new, beautiful hardwood floors in a Louisville kitchen.

Flooring plays such an important role in the design of each space. You have more choices, in a variety of solid and engineered hardwood floors, today than ever!

Great Louisville Kitchens

In the kitchen, white bright spaces reign, paired with dark wood tile floors. Yes… you heard right, wood tile floors. Many companies now offer porcelain tiles that look like natural wood so you can get the wood “look” with the durability and ease of tile.

When updating your kitchen for 2013 don’t miss out on the chance to become tech savvy. You can now integrate your home’s wifi with your dishwasher, oven and refrigerator. Dishwashers can run more efficiently by tracking usage and adjusting water level, and you can even send a text message to your oven to begin preparing a meal. The chef-geekery goes on and on. These are just a few of the media-integration technologies making a debut into our kitchens this year.

Hi-Tech Is in Demand

Basements, man-caves and media rooms are in high demand here in Louisville, as many people want to make the most of the trend to entertain at home. These well-to-do rooms are being equipped with indoor golf simulators, theater rooms, wine bars, exercise spaces or fully equipped gyms.

2013 is the year to show it if you got it. Lots of men are becoming proactive in renovating and decorating a space of their own inside the home. These kinds of updates can really make your home stand out above others in a buyer’s market.

Don’t Forget Your Home’s Exterior

Don’t forget the outside of your home when making improvements. Landscaping can make a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Trends for 2013 return to the use of native plants and wild flowers in landscaping design. This creates a natural organic look for your garden. Eco-friendly materials for decking still remain in high demand as people prefer their lack of maintenance and high quality to traditional wood decking.

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Author: Jessica Schuler, is a top Louisville Interior Designer with J. Renee Designs.

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