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Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say “Wow”

Obviously, when putting new kitchen cabinets in your home they have to function properly in order to best meet your needs. But they can add value to your home in another way as well. If you find kitchen cabinet details that meet your personal tastes and style then you’ve really won!

Photo of kitchen cabinet details

So, if you plan on remodeling your kitchen in the near future, there are certain details you definitely need to look into in order to “wow” your friends, family, and neighbors. Cheap RTA cabinets definitely fit the bill for a number of reasons or you may want to consider other options.

To help you choose the ideal kitchen cabinets, we’d like to share the perfect criteria that will spice up your kitchen cabinetry and make it look absolutely amazing. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right colors, finishes, and hardware using the design ideas we’re sharing below.

Rather Than New Paint Your Existing Cabinets

During a kitchen makeover, you may come to the conclusion that you actually love your current kitchen cabinets and have no desire to change them. But what you’d love to do is change their color to match your new aesthetic design.

This is easy enough to accomplish. You can go to your local hardware store and look through paint colors to find the ideal color to match your new kitchen decor. After you discover the best color paint to meet your needs, you can either hire a professional painter to paint your cabinets or do it yourself.

If money is an issue, you should seriously consider painting your cabinets on your own. It’s a lot easier to accomplish than you may think. If you are willing to put in the time and do it with care, your kitchen cabinets can look absolutely stunning just by adding a new, fresh, colorful coat of paint.

Glass Doors or Open Shelving Cabinets

Photo of kitchen cabinets with open shelving inside

You can either install glass doors on your existing cabinets or if you’re putting in brand-new cabinets, choose new ones that have glass doors on them. Open shelving also gives the same impression. When you remove the wood panels, your whole kitchen will seem a lot bigger, more spacious, and many people find this particular look very attractive.

So, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, glass cabinet doors are definitely going to be a big boon to your overall aesthetic. Your kitchen will look so much larger after they are installed, plus it’s a great way to showcase your best assets in the kitchen like your vintage wine glass collection, your favorite knickknacks, your best set of fine china, and anything else you’d love to put on display.

At the end of the day, glass kitchen cabinet doors are perfect for those looking to put their favorite things on display. As mentioned earlier, they are also great if you’re looking to make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is. So keep this in mind and go with glass kitchen cabinet doors if this makes sense for your kitchen.

Add a Built-In Wine Rack to Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you happen to be a wine connoisseur, adding a built-in wine rack is going to be right up your alley. Not only will it give you a great way to organize your wine collection, but it will also help you save space, add style to your kitchen, and give you an excellent place to showcase your favorite bottles of wine.

Final Thoughts

We all appreciate the finer things in life. Installing new kitchen cabinets or updating existing ones definitely falls under this banner. If you plan on updating your kitchen in the near future, and sprucing up your cabinets is on the agenda, we highly recommend using the suggestions we’ve shared today to improve the way your kitchen looks and feels.

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