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Hottest Office Design Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Most of us spend about half of our waking day at work in an office space specifically designed for our wants, needs and most importantly productivity. Its purpose is to provide a good working environment for everyone. This is done by enabling both productive and pleasant atmosphere, and a practical platform for employees to share ideas. The hottest office design trends will help you work as a team, which leads to achieving company goals.

Photo of a space that reflects the hottest office design trends

There is no particular rule stating which is the right way to go and there is no perfect design for achieving results. Just as in any other aspects of life, trends vary and change quite often. The refreshing looks of interior affect everyone’s outlook because it kills monotonous daily routine, at least visually.

It is important to understand that workplace is for people who will be spending most of their time there so you need to cater to their needs, even to each and everyone’s individual preferences if you can, because a settled employee is a happy one and they will surely finish the work sooner and with more quality.

Last year, new chairs and other furniture were a must, but this year more entrepreneurs are turning to used furniture as they attempt to raise awareness on the importance of recycling.

Flexible Desking

2018 is all about flexibility, efficiency, teamwork and overall good flow of information and cooperation between coworkers. The primary mission of this type of layout is to make one flexible working arena for employees with a more simplistic and practical design in mind.

The idea is to have a more open space where no one actually has a designated place they sit, instead, they can sit wherever they find more suitable on any given day. Since simplicity, practicality, and flexibility are keywords we suggest investing in new chairs that go along this idea of the fast flow of information and people throughout the space.

Recycling is a thing in 2018 and with that said, companies can save money and still get along with hottest trends by keeping used desks to fulfill the fantasy of desks being more of a temporary platform rather than a classic working station where workers sit tight for at least 8 hours.

This sort of environment is perfect for team-based projects which involve a lot of movement and face to face communication.

It is worth noting that this type of design is not for everyone and for every company. It all depends on the type of work, team size, and people’s preferences. Some find it more productive to sit isolated in their own booth labeled just for them. Moving and switching places every day can be annoying and a waste of time.

Go Green

We’ve seen the “going green” trend really come to the surface in the past few years. More and more organizations are on board!

Open spaces with big windows that flood the room with light are always welcome. It also has a positive effect on health by reducing stress, physical and mental strain. Going green encourages productivity and inspires new ideas. Isn’t that the happier environment you’d like to work in?

Indoor grass and flowers, a lot of stone and wood, also the so-called living walls are all great additions to your green working environment. Everyone’s enthusiasm will flourish in more natural surroundings.

Just like Home

The office does not have to be some strict, military-disciplined establishment. If a happy and satisfied worker leads to a more productive and efficient output then this new feel-like-home trend is the solution.

It has been proven that offices with a home-inspired design are more desirable. They mimic your everyday living room, kitchen or even bedroom. This turns a gray, monotonous, cage-like area into a warm and comfy space where everyone can feel at home in their comfortable new chair.

New and Interesting Areas

This topic correlates well with the idea of more open-minded understanding of office space. Areas that imitate casual living rooms where everyone can gather to talk, share ideas, get a cup of coffee, and overall socialize and relax. This is a great space to ‘’get away’’ from work but still feel like contributing and being productive.

You can also add rooms with lazy bags, table soccer, darts or anything that you think might help relieve stress and fatigue. Mediation rooms have been quite popular lately as well.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

The visual presentation of your company is the thing people will remember when they see your brand. Your office design needs to reflect the message you want to send and product you want to sell. Keep your brand at the forefront.  The design you choose should go hand in hand with your brand.

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