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10 Shower Tile Ideas That Will Completely Transform Your Bathroom

Changing your shower tiles can completely change the look of your existing bathroom if one the right way. If you are looking for shower tile ideas for your new bathroom or to renovate your existing bathroom, here are ten shower tile ideas that will completely transform your bathroom instantly.

10. Extruded Brick Design

Photo of bathroom with extruded brick tile - Shower Tile Ideas
Image Credit: Nerangtiles

These types of bathroom tiles make each space look larger and more inviting. You can create one accent wall or give the whole bathroom a makeover if you like. Make sure that you choose a very light color for the tile as dark colors can make this pattern look overwhelming.

9. Pebble Tiles

Pebbled tiles give your bathroom a beach-like feel and make it look rustic too. They go well with plain light tiles as the pebbles create a textural contrast with the plain surface. You can also go for floor pebble tiles to give your feet a little massage while using the bathroom.

8. Chevron Tiles

Photo of bathroom with chevron tile - Shower Tile Ideas
Image Credit: DecorPad

Chevron pattern is in rage these days and just adding some chevron tiles to one wall of the bathroom can change the whole look. You can either go for a single-color chevron pattern or a dual-colored pattern to create a different look. Just make sure that you install your showerheads carefully as wrong placement can break the pattern.

7. Faux Wooden Tile

While you may not like to put real wooden floors in the bathroom for obvious reasons, faux wooden tiles can add the same warmth to a cold bathroom. These tiles also bring an element of color to an otherwise light-tiled bathroom. Go for light or dark wood tiles depending on the other tiles of your bathroom.

6. Moroccan Tile Pattern

Photo of bathroom with Moroccan tile - Shower Tile Ideas

If you want to create a bathroom that speaks volumes about your creative
personality, using Moroccan tiles to create an accent wall can be a great idea. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid installing a shower caddy or other accessories on this wall as the Moroccan pattern can get damaged.

5. All-black Accent Wall

Photo of bathroom with black tile - Shower Tile Ideas
Image Credit: Octees

Black is no more forbidden in the bathroom. Black bathroom tiles in a matte or glossy finish add a touch of elegance and can make your bathroom look modern. While white tiles make the bathroom look bigger, a black accent wall can bring the whole space together.

4. Blue Waterfall Tiles

Photo of bathroom with blue waterfall tile - Shower Tile Ideas
Image Credit: Tile.Expert

Blue brings serenity to the space and blue waterfall tiles can make the bathroom look calm and inviting after a long hard day. You can go for one wall or all the walls but keeping these tiles above the bathtub or in the shower area is a better option. These tiles should be installed with light blue or gray tiles as the light gradient look makes them look more elegant.

3. Shiny Metallic Tiles

Photo of bathroom with gold metallic tile - Shower Tile Ideas
Image Credit: 12dee

Jazz up your bathroom with some shimmery tiles which can make your space look like a bathroom from a five-star hotel. Opt for metallic gold or silver tiles as accent walls and install some contemporary bathroom fittings to completely transform the space. Some patterns on the tiles also look good as long as they go with the metallic color.

2. Polka-Dotted Tiles

Photo of bathroom with gold polka dot tile - Shower Tile Ideas
Image Credit: Centsationalgirl

If you love all things retro, getting some polka-dotted tiles for your bathroom can covert a boring bathroom into your happy space. You can add many colors or go for simple white and black combination as per your personal preference. Go for smaller polka dots as a bigger pattern can make the bathroom look smaller and congested. These tiles go especially well with large mirrors.

1. Accent Tile Centerpiece

Photo of bathroom with gold centerpiece tile - Shower Tile Ideas

Add a pop of color to your bathroom by getting an accent tile for your bathroom in a bright color. These tiles make the bathroom look completely different and also look aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that you use the tile in a combination of contrasting colors to make the accent tile stand out.

So these were the ten shower tile ideas that will completely transform your bathroom space and make it look stylish and inviting. A great bathroom can
uplift your senses and mood instantly and these tiles will help you design your bathroom in your own special way. Keep a simple tip in mind that with bathrooms less is more so do not go for very gaudy tiles or patterns that can make the user feel suffocated and overwhelmed with your bathroom design.

Did you like any of these ideas? Which one is your favorite? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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