Middletown Louisville Homes, MLS Area 8

Welcome to our new and improved Middletown Louisville Homes Report! In this report, we cover both the Middletown average home sales price and the Middletown number of homes sold. Previously, we used median sale price (which is better for math reasons) but just switched to average sale price because that’s what more people are familiar with.

Photo of a home for the Middletown Housing Report page
You can find this home in Anchorage—a prestigious city within Louisville that’s full of charm. Home to both quaint cottages and luxurious mansions and of course, award-winning schools, Anchorage has many fans.

These housing reports are for more than just the Middletown neighborhood in Louisville. They cover everything located within the Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) MLS Area 8 (see the map). So, this report also includes the following neighborhoods:

Louisville MLS Map Area 8 thumbnail
Area 8 is shown above. Visit Louisville Homes for Sale for more details.

Other neighborhoods and subdivisions besides those listed are also included. Check out Best Louisville Neighborhoods for more information about the nicest neighborhoods in Louisville, KY.

Middletown Louisville Homes Report

Now let’s look at the numbers!

Home sales chart and home prices chart for Middletown neighborhood in Louisville Kentucky for the 12 months ending November 2022 - MLS Area 8

It’s important to note a few things.

  1. The sample size varies greatly by the MLS area. Area 0 is quite small and may only have a handful of properties sold in a given month. Area 7 is Louisville’s largest MLS area! Look at each chart’s scale.
  2. The 1-year trend-line gauges where home values are going. This is superior to simply looking at the monthly totals. We average the previous 12 months of the average sale prices to arrive at this value.

This Middletown Louisville Homes Report is just one of the many housing reports we publish. This current and accurate information gives you control! This helps you to make the best possible decision in your home buying transaction.

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