Louisville Home Sales Chart, Updated January 2023

This is the only place to find our Louisville home sales chart updated each and every month! This page focuses on home sales, if you’re more interested in home prices, please visit Average Home Price in Louisville KY. We compare each month against the same month for the past six years in Jefferson County. Even though most think of Louisville, Kentucky as more than just Jefferson County, that is what this particular chart covers.

Louisville Home Sales Chart for Jefferson County 6 years through December 2022

When looking at this Louisville home sales chart, I’ve gathered all the sales for Jefferson County. If you are more interested in a specific part of the city, you should click on one of the MLS areas under the Housing Reports at the top of the page. This page takes all of the MLS areas 0-9 and puts them together.

Please note: It’s important to analyze Louisville home sales from similar months. For example, comparing June 2019 with June 2018 rather than comparing June with May, as seasonal factors have a great effect on home sales. The weather also plays a large role in real estate sales.

Louisville Home Sales Chart Areas

Great Louisville encompasses all of Jefferson County. Many think of Louisville as including the surrounding counties as well. These are:

You may also visit Louisville homes for sale for a map of the different Louisville MLS areas to see current listings. Other maps can also be found on that website.

Home sales data comes from GLAR

Keep in mind that all Louisville home sales chart data is provided by the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR). While this date is believed to be accurate and reliable, it is not guaranteed.

All Louisville home buyers should protect their interests by working with an expert Realtor who can verify any factors relating to a real estate transaction. Purchasing a Louisville home without representation is becoming an increasingly dangerous proposition, especially with the new financing laws that went into effect in 2015.