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The Latest in Home Security From ADT

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Controlling the functionality of your home keeps getting more high tech.

Advancements in technology continue to be the driving force behind new changes in home security. To completely protect your home today, there are many new options, like mobile products designed to provide more comprehensive home coverage than ever before. One well-known security company is ADT. They offer a complete suite of packages revolving around new devices and technologies that provide peace of mind about your home.

Advanced ADT Monitoring Services

ADT offers 24/7 surveillance and standby monitoring to ensure that even if you are not at home, you are still being protected. Realistically you can’t keep constant watch and live your life; so let an advanced security system from ADT do the constant monitoring for you. With always-on alarm services ensuring that even when you are away, your home will have the required protection from everyday threats that it needs to be confident your investments are protected.

ADTs alarm times are fast; within seconds of an alarm and they can dispatch the necessary officials to your home. It could really be the difference between coming home to fire trucks putting out a blaze, or firefighters playing with the family dog in the front yard after a close call.

New Mobile Device Technology

With new mobile device technology you need a way to incorporate home security into applications for phones and tablets. ADT offers some of the most advanced features like remote arming and disarming of your systems, allowing you to never have to wonder again if you remembered to set the alarm. You’ll also never have to tell a password to a friend, or service professional who needs to come by while you’re away and the alarm is set. Other remote features of ADT like video monitoring allowing you to check in wherever you are.

ADT offers comprehensive security monitoring protecting your house from accidents and emergencies like water damage. Constant water/flood sensors keep your water heater safe and give you a heads up to potential water damage disasters.

Burglar alarm monitoring provides you with an ally ready to make a call to the police when you need it most. Panic buttons and video surveillance protect you while you are at home, ADTs 24/7 monitoring protects while you’re away. Emergency dispatchers take care of getting local fire department to your home when house fires are detected.

You can also monitor for toxic carbon monoxide gas; lethal inside your home if left unchecked.

More Accessibility Than Ever Before

Functions and features of ADT systems have never been more accessible for users. New graphical interfaces and touch screens help you learn a new system and are designed to be fast, efficient, and intuitive. You can quickly operate your system very soon after purchasing it. Professional installers do the work to make sure devices are perfectly installed and configured for your home and that you know how to operate them.

ADT’s new system integrates perfectly with appliances and devices in your home so you can take advantage of remote lighting to illuminate dark areas of your house at night instantly from your control panel. Other added features like thermostat controls allow you to detect changes in temperature and remotely activate your systems. That’s a great feature for turning the air conditioner back on after leaving it off during vacation and coming home to a perfectly conditioned house without paying to keep it that way while you were gone. These systems can be fully customized to your specific appliances giving you control over important environment features of your house.

ADT’s medical alert technology holds one of the highest standards in the industry for response times and effectiveness. For people with critical medical conditions, ADTs constant medial alerts provide family and patients the freedom to feel safe knowing, in case of an emergency; someone is always there to help. With a single push of a button operators are connected to assist through intercom and phone systems in the house. If more help is needed, or the phone cannot be reached, ADT provides immediate dispatch of medical professionals ready to respond.


If you’re considering a security system for your Louisville home, a package from ADT can help protect your home with the latest breakthroughs, most popular services and future advancements. When new devices hit the marketplace, you can be sure your system will be compatible. ADT is also constantly innovating giving its customers more abilities and services so you worry less about new systems for security and more about living your life.

Author: Elli Bishop writes and blogs for Your Local Security. When she’s not playing in the mountains of Utah, she likes to write about home and family safety, home renovation and improvement, and child safety tips.

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