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Louisville Home Improvements That Net the Most Money

Photo of a cute Louisville home

Updating highly visible aspects of your home to improve first impressions are some of the highest bang for your buck Louisville home improvements. (Photo: Tre Pryor)

Recently the National Association of Realtors (NAR) published 7 Best Remodeling Projects for the Money on their consumer-focused Web site HouseLogic.

Here’s a summary of some Louisville home improvements that will net you the most money.

  1. Tough-as-Nails Siding Replacement: Percent of investment recouped: 78%
  2. A Low-Cost Entry Door with Steely Good Looks: Percent of investment recouped: 73%
  3. A Bedroom with High Aspirations: Percent of investment recouped: 72.5%
  4. Energize Your Tired Kitchen: Percent of investment recouped: 72.1%
  5. Put a New Face on Your House: Percent of invest recouped: 71.9%
  6. All Decked Out: Percent of investment recouped: 70.1%
  7. Siding with Value: Percent of investment recouped: 69.6%

Other reports I’ve read show the value of a front door replacement to often be more than 100%.

Keep in mind those are national values. Rates will be different here in Louisville. Consult with your real estate expert before tackling any home improvement projects directed towards improving a home sale.

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