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Innovations in Laundry Technology: Best Products

Although you can expect to pay a fair amount for the top washing machines and dryers, a lot of homeowners consider it a worthy investment. When you think about what you will get back from a good washer or dryer in terms of how much time you will save and how much money you could save due to better efficiency, you might want to consider upgrading your laundry appliances.

  1. Samsung™ WF42H5200AP Washer
    The Samsung™ WF42H5200AP Washer will save you as much as three hours of laundry time each week, simply because the drum, which is made of durable diamond materials, is much larger than the standard washer. This is perfect if you have a family or simply have to do a lot of laundry each week due to work or other things. One of the most high-tech features of this washer is the Smart Care feature. Instead of calling Samsung customer services when you have problems, you can diagnose the issue and solve problems from your Smartphone.
  2. WF9100 5.6 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with SuperSpeed (Onyx)
    With such a large capacity, you will be able to do an average of four times more laundry as you would normally do. For those with a lot of laundry of large families, this can make a huge difference. Nobody likes doing several laundry loads per day, and a washer like this could drastically cut down the amount of time you spend loading and unloading the washer. The SuperSpeed settings allow you to do a full wash in just thirty minutes. However, just because your clothes get washed quickly doesn’t mean that the quality of the wash is compromised. You’ll still have laundry which is just as clean as usual.
  3. DV9000 9.5 cu. ft. Electric Front Load Dryer (Platinum)
    It’s very rare to find people who actually enjoy ironing, so this dryer has proven to be a firm favorite with mothers, fathers and homeowners everywhere. The Steam Dry feature ensures that your clothes are as crease-free as possible after they come out of the dryer, and the Eco Dry system will save you as much as $4,500 during the life of the appliance. Another great feature of this dryer is that you’ll get notified on your Smartphone whenever the vent needs to be cleaned. You’ll never forget about the blockages on your dryer again!
  4. DV5200 7.5 cu. ft. Electric Front Load Dryer (Platinum)
    This dryer will also allow you access to the Smart Care and Steam Dry features, but in addition to that, the Sensor Dry technology will automatically switch off the appliance when your laundry is dry. Not only is this an extremely helpful feature, but it also saves you paying extra on your monthly electricity bills.

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