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Helpful Advice on Managing Your Contractor

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From time to time, people contact me with articles or concepts for stories that they think might appeal to my readers here at Louisville Homes Blog. Generally speaking, most are not truly useful. But recently I was contacted a gentleman who wrote 20 Common Ways to Spot If Your Contractor isn’t Complying with Building Codes.

After reading his work, I thought this would be great for someone currently interviewing contractors. Here are his first five warning signs:

1. You are using a contractor who is unlicensed
2. Your contractor refuses to give you insurance policy or license numbers to verify
3. Your contractor does not provide a detailed quote
4. Your contractor offers a quote that is much lower than most others
5. Your contractor’s past customers have complaints

While some may seem obvious, it’s very helpful to read through the entire list, especially if you are about to hire a contractor for your Louisville home remodel project.

Great stuff! Keep it coming.

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