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Green Home Improvements in Louisville

Louisville is experiencing dramatic and positive changes. As a vibrant city with steady job growth, the Louisville real estate market is dynamic. These factors are spurring home improvements that increase comfort, lower utility bills and protect the local environment. This piece will highlight three green home improvements that you can follow.

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Thinking green? How about green home improvements for your Louisville home?

Each of these topics is affordable! In other words, they will enhance your Louisville home eco-friendly features while actually saving you money in the long run.

1. Native to Louisville Plants and Landscaping

Exotic plants can reproduce quickly and crowd out native species. A move towards using native plants is gaining momentum and helping preserve biodiversity in the Louisville area.

Popular choices include perennials such as sunflowers, grass from prairie drop-seed and shrubs including silky dogwood. The benefits of native plants and shrubs go beyond curb appeal. These plants are more tolerant of local weather patterns and typically require less upkeep.

Homes and nurseries across the country have embraced the native plant movement. Luxury homeowners have used native fauna to enhance property design. Similarly, plant nurseries are carrying increasing amounts of native plants to promote local biodiversity.

2. Water Conservation

Recent drought conditions in Louisville and across the country have brought attention to conserving water for everyday activities. Isaac Toussie, and other real estate developers, have taken notice and are building eco-friendly properties in response.

Low flow showerheads and aerators are among the most affordable green upgrades for households to more efficiently use water. Faucet aerators minimize splashing and use less energy, which can lower utility costs. An aerator also reduces faucet noise and may be the favored choice in older Louisville homes with lower water pressure.

Bathrooms are the largest source of indoor water usage. An average shower session uses 25 gallons of water!

A low flow showerhead maintains water pressure and makes showering more efficient. For homes without tankless water heaters, this includes less energy to heat shower temperatures. Here are some other indoor and outdoor water conservation ideas.

3. Insulation

Roofs, ceiling, and attics of Louisville homes should be properly insulated against four distinct seasons. Vintage homes, in particular, lack sufficient insulation. So you should make sure your home is properly insulated for both chilly winter months and the sweltering heat of summer.

Properly insulating your home reduces energy costs and offers several green choices—recycled denim, cellulose fiber, and even sheep’s wool. Traditional choices like fiberglass batts have raised concerns over respiratory issues so opt for better alternatives when choosing the insulation for your home.

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