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Updating Your Louisville Garage Floor, Storage Adds Value

Photo garage storage system for Louisville home owners

Garage storage for your Louisville home adds great value, especially for homes that do not have additional storage in a basement.

Like most homeowners, a major goal is to beautify your home by adding value. Whether it be landscaping, upgrading, or removing unsightly features, it usually takes a great deal of effort to make your home a warm and welcome place for friends and family.

But with all this effort, have you considered the impact the condition of your garage has on the value of your home?

Typically, homeowners overlook the garage. However, the condition of your garage can carry a major impact on the value of your home. Some steps to increase the value of your garage, as well as your home, are as follows.

Louisville Garage Floor Updating

Photo of a an epoxy floor covering

Improve both the beauty and durability of your garage floor with an epoxy floor covering.

Garage flooring, as well as your home’s foundation, are highly susceptible to cracks, water damage, and mold/mildew build-up. Garages with cracked and chipping flooring cause the homes value to drop.

A major solution to this problem is getting the floor redone. It may sound like a daunting task, however a professional can have the job done in less than 24 hours.

The greatest benefit to this service is that the value of your home increases dramatically. It is an investment that most don’t feel is worth it, but it has great consequences. If you are suffering from garage flooring damages, and are preparing to sell your home, this is a major option to consider.

Louisville Garage Storage

When assessing a home, one of the areas a potential buyer takes into consideration is the amount of storage space available. For most potential homeowners, this is a critical attribute to have. But if you have a home with little storage space, you can add storage space in a variety of ways.


Shelving is a fantastic way to create additional storage space and lots of it. With multi-levels of shelves, a plain wall can be turned into an efficient system to store car maintenance products, food storage, or anything else you see fit to use them for.

A key aspect to look into for shelving is the weight capacity. If you install a system with a low weight capacity, you’ll most likely be replacing those shelves. Make sure the system you implement has a high weight capacity. That way you can be assured it will last.

Overhead Storage Racks

One of the most underutilized areas of the home is the garage space above your head. In almost every garage there is ample space to be used to store your less used and long-term items.

With several overhead storage rack systems available, it is a simple solution to create extra storage without spending a fortune. With any storage system, strength and durability is key. Make sure the system you chose will withstand the weight you put on it.


A difficult area to tackle is the visual clutter found in most garages. Garage cabinets have the ability to store those items so they are out of view, creating a beautiful, clutter-free garage.

A beneficial aspect of garage cabinets is they prevent your items from gathering dust or water damage. Wall mounted cabinets are up off the ground and prevent pests from using them as their home, so you don’t have to worry about droppings or other damages to your personal items.

If these steps are taken, you have just increased the storage space of your home, and have created a sleek, beautiful, and durable flooring which future homeowners will find very appealing. For more tips on garage storage, please visit Garage Solutions of Louisville.

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