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The Big 3 DIY Furnace Tips

Photo of a York Furnace

Newer furnaces are more energy efficient but they still need regular maintenance.

There are a few things that almost any homeowner can do to extend the life of your furnace. Consistently performing these 3 DIY furnace tips will keep your heating system working as energy efficiently as possible.

If you do not have the confidence that you can handle accomplishing these tasks, it would be better to hire a reputable HVAC professional but trust me, they’re not that difficult.

Before You Start

The only tools you will need are a soft brush, a shop vacuum and a flashlight. Stop! Before touching anything we need to shut off the power. Always think safety! Electrocution is not fun and certainly not part of my retirement plan.

Once you are absolutely sure the power to the furnace is off, remove the panels on the front and visually inspect the unit looking for anything out of the ordinary.

DIY Furnace Tip 1: Change the Filter

Now, take a look at the filter. I know, I know, I know everyone goes on and on about filters. It is a vital and simple chore that seems to elude many homeowners.

If your equipment is operating with dirty filters it is working longer and harder then it should. That means that your equipment is not working efficiently and could damage the equipment costing thousands of dollars.

The filters should be checked once a month and, if you have pets, replaced each month. At a minimum, filters should be replaced every three months. If you can only do one thing then this is the thing.

DIY Furnace Tip 2: Clean

Next, we will put the shop vacuum and brush to work. Use them to clean out any dust or debris visible in the furnace.

Vacuum up any insects or other dirt that has accumulated since the furnace was last cleaned. This will keep dirt and debris from piling up and causing more problems in the future.

DIY Furnace Tip 1: Condensation Pump

Photo of condensate pump

So that’s what this thing is!

If you have a condensation pump then the last top is to add a cap full of bleach to the pump. This bleach will keep the water in the pump from stagnating and keep the drain lines clear.

Adding a cap full of bleach should be done every six months at a minimum. A good routine is every two to three months.


These 3 DIY furnace tips will help keep your system working efficiently and will extend the life expectancy of your equipment.

If you are a visual learner, here’s the video! But as I stated earlier, if you would rather have a professional tackle things, sign up for a service agreement plan with a Louisville HVAC specialist, who will make sure these tasks get completed on a consistent basis.

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