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Advice on Replacing Your Garage Door

Your garage comprises a significant portion of the visual appeal of your home. This is particularly true if the garage faces the front or it’s larger than average size. Curb appeal is an incredibly important aspect of your home. If you thinking about replacing your garage door, the improved curb appeal can significantly boost the value of your home. It’s also just a lot more fulfilling to live in a home that looks great!

Photo of some deluxe garage doors.

Replacing a standard garage door with a deluxe garage door can really enhance the curb appeal of your home.

It’s not just about aesthetics and resale value either. Your garage doors are meant to protect your home from intruders. Bad garage doors can make your home less secure. Hence, if your garage doors aren’t as good as they can be, it’s high time that you look into Tip Top Garage Doors.

Timing is Everything

The first thing you need to figure out is the best time to revamp your garage doors. One of the biggest factors that will affect your project is the fact that it involves working outdoors. Hence, any extreme temperatures are going to be a big no-no, whether it’s extreme heat or cold.

That being said, it would be preferable that the weather was on the warmer side. It would also be preferable if the weather was on the dry side because water can make work like this very difficult to do indeed.

It is important to note that all of these specifications are only really applicable if you are trying to install a specialty garage door of some kind. If all you’re looking for is a solid, dependable door then you can just hire someone at any point and they will be able to handle it, granted that the weather isn’t too extreme at that time.

Photo of a home with a standard garage door

Most homes built recently use a functional, aluminum garage door like this one.

What You Will Need

First things first, you are going to have to figure out whether or not you need a permit. This is a problem that is easily handled. All you need to do is ask whoever you are hiring to do the work for you and they will be able to let you know. You could also always contact your local government official and ask them what the requirements are. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to permits.

The next thing you need to know is what materials you are going to need. This is another thing that you can ask the person that will be doing this for you about but it’s always better to be prepared. There are five basic options that you have in terms of the materials that you can use. These are as follows:

#1 Wood

Very versatile and resistant to most kinds of weather, but it costs a pretty penny so it’s not suitable for the budget shopper. A garage door made of wood will cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 based on the kind of wood.

#2 Steel

A highly durable option that is cheaper than wood and can give your garage a sleek, shiny look. However, the fact that it can rust easily makes it less than ideal for people living in areas where there is a strong sea breeze. Doors made of this material will cost between $300 to $3,000 dollars.

#3 Aluminum

This is perfect for people that want that metallic look that steel can give minus the rust. The price is comparable to that of wood, with the more expensive price tag being the result of its rust resistant properties. Doors made of this material will cost anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000.

#4 Tempered Glass

This can be used in conjunction with aluminum or wood to offset the costs and also create a beautiful look that suits the modernist aesthetic palette.

#5 Vinyl/Fiberglass

This is a great option if you are shopping on a budget. However, the fact that it is cheap means that you will have to sacrifice on aesthetics a bit. Also, this type of material doesn’t last very long in very cold weather, although it is definitely not susceptible to rust. A vinyl door will cost around $600, whereas fiberglass is a little more expensive at $1,500.

What Are Your Options?

Now that you know what materials are at your disposal, it is time to figure out what types of doors you would be able to install. Here are the various styles of garage doors you can get:

#1 Sectional

This is the standard garage door. You have probably seen these everywhere. The basic function of these doors is that they roll up or down.

#2 Sliding

These are also often referred to as barn style doors. The main difference between these and sectional doors is that these doors open sideways. This means that you will need a wide wall to install them in otherwise they are not going to work very well.

#3 Swing-out

These look like barn style garage doors but they operate in a different way. Instead of sliding to the side they open outwards which can look quite impressive. While they can be aesthetically pleasing, these doors are rather impractical for places where it tends to snow a lot.

Additional Tips

If you are strapped for cash you don’t have to worry about changing your entire door. You could just get new sconces at a hundred bucks a pop. Fixing up parts of your garage door can be a great, cheap fix.

Also, make sure that you pay close attention to the design of your home while you are trying to decide on materials and style. You can’t have a traditional looking home with modern doors, that would look distinctly odd. Instead, you should try to make the design of your garage doors conform to the design of your home. This will make your home look stunning.

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