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Why to Investment in Luxury London Real Estate in 2019

We have seen in the last few years, the UK market got a great hit regarding real estate. Today’s we can see that it’s ideal to invest in luxury London real estate. We have brief you about the guide that why you should invest and what are the significant 5 reasons to invest in London property in 2018.

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Luxury London real estate has seen its value rise dramatically in recent years.

The pound sterling has devalued a lot in the last years which makes it ideal for foreigners or overseas investors to invest in London property with greater returns in the future. According to Luxury Property International Ltd, the overseas investors and buyers have increased a lot in the last few years. If you have enough foreign currencies such as dollars or euros, this is the ideal and perfect time to invest in London property.

Top Five Reasons to Invest in London

1. 1 GBP To 1.12 Euros

According to January 2018 currency rate, £1 was equal to €1.20, which is now equal to €1.12.

If you are interested in buying a London property at £250,000, now it is 10% less than the past and thus helps you save a significant amount- £25,000. The rate has been the lowest in the past seven years, and according to experts, it will stay less for more time.

The 10% saving is not a small thing and can make a big difference in the future. So now is the right time and chance if you are holding yourself from investing above extra 15, 10 or 5 thousand.

According to 2the 014 currency rate, £1 could help you in buying $1.71, and now it’s lower you can buy around $1.33. If you have enough dollars and you are converting them to buy London property in pounds, do it now. You can easily save around £250,000 which was not possible in the last three years.

Many people hold dollars form investment point of view, it’s lower now as compared to the past 10 years. We can’t say much about the future, but right now overseas investors can make a huge saving from investing in London property than it was possible in the past.

2. Cheap Lending

The UK rate of lending is lower than the past, according to property experts. The cheap lending rates have made the fixed mortgage rate much famous than the variable mortgage rate. The affordable fixed mortgage rate has given a chance to lenders to lower the rate even more than the past.

3. Lower London Property Prices

The property price of London is quite lower than the rest of UK property, according to the experts. Thus, now is the ideal time to buy London
property which will give great returns in the future for sure.

Since 2008, financial times confirm that prices of London property are quite low which attracts a lot of buyers to make property decisions.  You can save a lot of money with the perfect combination of low property prices plus a lower pound.

4. London Is the World Cultural and Business Capital

London is considered as the world’s cultural and business capital, which not only appeals to locals but everyone from the globe.  It is a great time to invest in London now than later.

5. New and Major Developments Are Ahead

You will see huge major and new developments in London such as Elephant Park, Columbia gardens, royal wharf, the Nova building, and Embassy Gardens. Such developments in London will give rise to property prices in the future and thus current investors can make huge returns by investing in real estate.

If you have plans or still planning to invest in luxury London real estate, do it now as this is the perfect time to have great returns in the future. Many real estate agents can help you out in getting a prime property located in London. Lastly, make sure to utilize Passport legalization services if needed before you book your trip.

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